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Colloquium Optics and Condensed Matter SS 2013


17 Uhr c.t. in the auditorium, Wegelerstr. 8
16.45 Uhr Tea in the conference room

16.04.2013 Enrique Solano, Universidad del País Vasco UPV/EHU & Ikerbasque)
Quantum Simulations As Our Quantum Theatre For Atoms And Photons
07.05.2013 Hendrik Ulbricht, University of Southampton
Centre Of Mass Motion Interferometry Of Molecules And Nanoparticles
17:30 Uhr
Thierry Giamarchi, Universität Genf
Deconstructing The Electron: Quantum Physics In One Dimension
04.06.2013 Fabrice Debbasch, Université Paris 6
Discrete Time Quantum Walks In (1 + 1) Dimensions: Wave Propagation And Diffusive Transport
18.06.2013 Oliver Schmidt, Leibniz-Institut für Festkörper- und Werkstoffforschung, Dresden
Stretching And Shaping Inorganic Nanomembranes: From Tunable Single Photon Sources To Nanorobotics
25.06.2013 Claus Ropers, Universität Göttingen
Ultrafast Low-Energy eEectron Diffraction Using Nanotip Emitters
09.07.2013 Goran Pichler, Physics Department, Kuwait University, und Institute of Physics, Zagreb, Kroatien
Laser Spectroscopy Of Dense Metal Vapor
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