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Colloquium Optics and Condensed Matter

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Colloquium Optics and Condensed Matter

17 h c.t. Hörsaal IAP


18.04.2016    Vera Guarrera, National Physical Laboratory

                         Towards Guided Ultracold Atom Interferometers: NPL's Approach

19.04.2016    Giovanni Barontini, University of Birmingham

                         Strong Coupling Regime in Fibre Microcavities: From EIT To Multi-Particle Entanglement

28.04.2016    Christine Silberhorn, Universität Paderborn

                         Sum Frequency Generation For Quantum Applications


03.05.2016    Wolfgang Schleich, Universität Ulm

                         The Riemann Zeta Function and Quantum Mechanics


24.05.2016    Hanspeter Büchler, Universität Stuttgart

                         Strongly Interacting Rydberg Slow Light Polaritons


07.06.2016    Michael Johanning, Universität Siegen

                         Scalable Quantum Information Processing in ion traps using MAGIC


13.06.2016    Sven Höfling, Universität Würzburg, University of St Andrews

                         Polariton Lasers

                         Sonderkolloquium, 16 h c.t. HS IAP


14.06.2016    Phillip Strack, Universität zu Köln

                         Interacting and Emergent Photons in Quantum Optics and Condensed Matter


21.06.2016    Dieter Suter, Technische Universität Dortmund

                         Quantum Computers: Promise, Problems and Possible Solutions


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