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Colloquium Optics and Condensed Matter

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Colloquium Optics and Condensed Matter

17 h c.t. Hörsaal IAP


09.10.2018    Jakob Reichel, Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, ENS Paris

                         Creating Multiparticle Entanglement with Optical Fiber Microcavities


16.10.2018    Herwig Ott, Technische Universität Kaiserslautern

                         Rydberg Physics Meets Ultracold Quantum Gases


23.10.2018    Harmut Häffner, University of California, Berkeley

                         Coherent Control of Rotating Ion Strings: Towards Observing Quantum Statistics in a New Regime

                         Special Colloquium, 11 h c.t. Konferenzraum IAP


23.10.2018    Alexey Chernikov, Universität Regensburg

                         Exciton Physics of 2D Semiconductors

06.11.2018    Malte C. Gather, University of St Andrews, Scotland

                         Resonant Soft Matter Photonics - Microcavaties, Strong Light-Matter Coupling and Living Cells That Become Lasers


20.11.2018    Helmut Ritsch, Universität Innsbruck

                         Super-/Sub-Radiance and Entanglement of Coupled Quantum Emitters in Confined Light Fields

11.12.2018    Monika Aidelsburger, LMU München

                         Artificial Gauge Fields with Ultrcold Atoms in Optical Lattices


18.12.2018    Benjamin Rauf, P.I.

                         Metrology With Optical Lattice Clocks


20.12.2018    Andrea Alberti, IAP

                         Discrete-time Quantum Machines Using Neutral Atoms in Optical Lattices

                         Special Colloquium, 14 h c.t. Hörsaal HISKP


29.01.2019    André Eckardt, MPI Dresden

                         Generalized Bose Condensation in Non-Equilibrium Steady States of Driven-Dissipative Quantum Systems


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