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Goran Pichler

Physics Department, Kuwait University und Institute of Physics, Zagreb, Kroatien

Laser Spectroscopy Of Dense Metal Vapor

We shall discuss our results on several topics on metal vapors that have been studied by laser spectroscopy of in two different laboratories. The lasers used are predominantly femtosecond (fs) pulsed lasers, and sometimes nanosecond pulsed lasers. The metal vapors are heavy alkalis, Cs, Rb and K, and we shall describe conical emission using fs lasers. We shall also report the results of the search for new satellite bands in mixed Rb-Cs and K-Rb vapors. Alkaline earth metal vapors will be discussed in connection with dense barium vapor in the atmosphere of noble gases. Thermionic detection of the autoionizing (AI) levels of barium will reveal number of interesting phenomena connected with Fano profiles which will be modified due to collisions with He, Ar, Kr and Xe. Two-photon excitation of Ba AI levels brings about new spectral features at elevated noble gas pressures. The possible cause will be discussed.