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Oliver Schmidt

Leibniz-Institut für Festkörper- und Werkstoffforschung, Dresden

Stretching and shaping inorganic nanomembranes: From tunable single photon sources to nanorobotics

Nanomembranes are thin, flexible, and transferrable and can be shaped into many different 3D geometries. These properties make nanomembranes an exciting class of materials which have stimulated great interest in the interdisciplinary field of nanosciences. For instance, we are able to transfer single crystalline GaAs nanomembrane devices incorporating epitaxial quantum dots onto piezoelectric substrates. In this way, the electronic structure of a single quantum dot can be tuned with unprecedented control. It is possible to tune biexciton and exciton recombination lines into perfect resonance or to reduce the fine structure splitting to zero for practically any quantum dot. Differentially strained nanomembranes can roll-up into tubular structures once they are released from their mother substrate. Among others, such tubes can serve as vertical optical ring resonators which can be employed as optofluidic components to sense single cells and submonolayer condensates. Rolled-up nanomembranes can be exploited to rigorously compact electronic circuitry and energy storage devices. Novel phenomena and unconventional on- and off-chip applications such as self-propelled nanorobotic machines will be discussed.