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Marcello Dalmonte

ITP Innsbruck

A Case for Quantum Ice and Frustrated Magnetism with Rydberg-dressed Atoms in Optical Lattices


The concept of gauge symmetry permeates through many branches of our understanding of physical phenomena, ranging from fundamental interactions in particle physics, to frustrated magnetism and spin models. In this talk, we will discuss how some simple instances of gauge theories relevant for the study of condensed matter problems can be realized in ultra-cold atom gases in optical lattices. In particular, the caseof quantum Ice, a paradigmatic model for frustrated magnetism, will be discussed in some detail, starting from a review of its classical counterpart, then illustrating how its involved quantum dynamics can be generated with bosonic atoms weakly admixed with Rydberg states. Finally, a brief overview on the implementation of gauge symmetries in synthetic systems and quantum simulators will be presented.