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Physics732: Optics Lab

Module Description

The Course 'Optics Lab', Module physics732 gives the student the opportunity to handle his/her own research project within one or more of the research groups in the field of Optics and Quantum Optics (Köhl, Linden, Meschede, Weitz). It is a practical training/internship embedded in a research group, which can have several aspects:

- setting up a small experiment

- testing and understanding the limits of experimental components

- simulating experimental situations

These projects will be carried out in close contact with the members of the research group, and credit points can be obtained after the completion of a written report or an oral presentation. The Optics Lab is a 4 credit point course in the Bonn Master study program in Physics.
This course also covers the requirement of a mandatory research internship for members of the Bonn-Cologne Graduate School of Physics and Astronomy.

 Taking the Optics Lab

The course can be taken anytime, especially within the term breaks. The course will typically require you to be at least two full days per week in the lab, thus a careful selection for the course times from your side is required. 

To get a topic, simply approach the head of the group (or any of its members) for information on possible projects. If you are unsure on which project you want to work you can contact Frank Vewinger. He will guide you on the different options and the formal requirements of the course. 

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