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Photonics Lab


Photonics Lab


The students lab "From Classical to Quantum Optics" of the Bonn-Cologne Graduate School of Physics and Astronomy is a small lab housed in the basement of the Institute for Applied Physics. It is equipped both with basic optical and mechanical equipment as well as sophisticated research tools like CCD-spectrometers, single photon detectors and such like. 
Students who are interested can set up and perform experiments after their own design, without the supervision of a tutor. This gives them ample opportunity to set up experiments well known from the lectures (e.g. interferometers, beam steering devices, spectroscopy apparatus) or from the literature, but also allows the construction of new experiments to learn more about optics, atomic physics and quantum optics.


Target Audience

The students lab is open to all physics students. However, depending on the demand, students in their master studies and members of the Bonn-Cologne Graduate School of Physics and Astronomy will get favored access.



To access the photonics lab please contact Frank Vewinger (IAP, room 105a). There you will receive a safety instruction and a key (a security deposit is necessary), which gives you access to the Students Lab. Access to the lab is only allowed if you have signed the security instruction. If you are planning to set up an experiment as a group, everybody needs to sign a copy of the safety instructions.

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