IAP infrastructure

Here you find an overview of the IAP administration and workshops, and relevant contacts.

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The friendly IAP administration manages the institute affairs.

For direct institute contact, please get in touch with Tina Naggert, the institute secretary.

Avatar Naggert

Tina Naggert

Institute office/ Team assistant NQO


Avatar Steinseifer

Kerstin Steinseifer

Secretary of the Quantum Optics group


Avatar Czerwionke

Andrea Czerwionke



Avatar Haubrich

Dietmar Haubrich

Institute manager


permanent scientific staff.jpg

Permanent scientific staff

The highly skilled permanent scientific staff of the institute is involved in numerous research projects and ready to assist the experimental teams on the different projects. The scientific staff members are also involved in teaching and administration.

Avatar Alt

Wolfgang Alt


Electronics workshop

The specialists at the IAP electronics workshop designs and builds electronics components for state of the art research. The electronics workshop builds electronic devices for precise and stable experimental control in close dialog with the scientists. The electronic workshop is also highly competent at repairing commercial devices.

The workshop offers assistance during the design process of simple electronic circuits, and hosts soldering courses for students.

PID controller
Avatar Brähler

Achim Brähler

EL 1

Avatar Dümont

Jürgen Dümont


Opening hours

The electronics workshop is available in these hours

  • Monday - Thursday
    08:00 - 16:00

  • Friday
    09:30 - 13:00

Mechanical workshop

The IAP mechanical workshop is specialized in manufacturing essential pieces for experimental physics. Such pieces range from micrometer-precision optics mounts to vacuum chambers in titanium. The workshop is not only capable of producing the necessary pieces, but can also support the design process of new equipment.

The IAP mechanical workshop also host a student workshop-room where students and scientific personnel have access to a variety of tools.

Avatar Graf

Waldemar Graf

FM Büro

Avatar Beier

Manfred Beier


Avatar Heidrich

Jens Heidrich


Avatar von Zelewski

Konrad von Zelewski


Opening hours

The mechanical workshop is open

  • Monday - Thursday
    08:00 - 16:00
  • Friday
    08:00 - 13:00

Gas liquidification

The gas liquification facility at IAP provides liquified gases for about 40 university institutes. Besides our quantum gas labs it is the coldest place at the university.

The readily available liquid gases are

  • Nitrogen
  • Helium
Avatar Hanfland

Toni Hanfland

GV Büro

Opening hours

The gas liquidification is open, and liquid gas is available within these hours:

  • Monday - Thursday
  • Friday

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