IAP welcomes prof. Daqing Wang

Prof. Wang is starting a new research group at IAP. The group will work on the quantum interaction between light and molecules.

Jasbinsek-Kunkelmann Stipend for Julia Gamper

The stipend is given to an excellent student on master's level.

New Member in the electronics workshop

Jürgen Dümont supports the colleagues from the electronics workshop as a new member.

Sebastian Hofferberth wins ERC Synergy Grant

The Synergy Grant is for the projekt "SuperWave"

40 years in the electronics workshop

Eberhard Kalb celebrates 40 years in the electronics workshop.

New semester

The new semester begins this week and the institute will soon be buzzing with students. Read what is taught in the IAP here.

ERC starting grant for Julian Schmitt

Junior group leader Dr. Julian Schmitt from the Institute of Applied Physics has been awarded an ERC starting grant for the project TopoGrand.

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